Railroad Locomotive Bell Identification

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Railroad Locomotive Bell Identification

Postby Redlandsrail » Fri Sep 03, 2010 12:05 pm

I inherited a locomotive bell, and I love it, but I know nothing about it and would like to find information about it.
There is no railroad name on the bell, yoke, or cradle. There are no identification markings on the yoke or cradle.
The bell itself has two sets of numbers stamped into the very top of the bell itself: 696 and 1445.
The size is . . .
1. From top of the bell stem to the bottom of the cradle: 22 inches
2. The curved base of the cradle is oval. One dimension is 20.5 inches; the other dimension is 18.5 inches
3. The bell itself is: 16 inches at the bottom/lip, 12.75 from the lip to the top of the bell and an additional 4.5 inches to the end of the stem.
I am including a picture of the bell below.
Can anyone provide any information about the bell, the railroad, the type of engine it might have been on, or its origin/date?
If not, could you direct me to a locomotive bell expert who could provide this information?
I would be most grateful!!


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