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    Hi there, can anyone tell med more on this bell? I believe it is silvered bronze or maybe brass. It has a very nice sound.
    the inscription on top is in danish, so never mind it.
    bought it at a flea marked.

    any help (history, origin, value) is appreciated thank you.



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    Hello Thomas!
    I am not next to my books right now but this is a very well known bell type. It is usually brass and is a design from much earlier than the date inscribed. If you look closely you will see a lack of ‘crispness’ in the design. This is typical of a bell that has been copied (not made from the original molds).

    I hope to be back near my books tomorrow (Sunday) or the day following and will look up the data for you on the bell designer.

    I am curious as to why you think it’s danish? It appears to be German to me (Lindengaarden = Garden of Linden Trees) and the dates are interesting too.

    Do you have any information on what area you got it from or any other history of the bell?

    Anyway, I’ll get back to you with the bell info itself as soon as I can.

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    Thomas, Here is some more information:

    This is generally classified as a Hemony Bell. You can do a search on this website or in bell books, such as L.Elsinore Springer’s “The Collector’s Book of Bells” pg 97. As this is readily available I won’t re-invent the wheel here, but leave you to read those things at your leisure.

    I will reference the excellent Springer article on this website for you to start with though:

    The Hemony Bells

    They come in a number of different styles, even if you only look at yours (man with goatee), and different dates (the one in the book is 1669). This is thought to indicate different castings from different makers. Hemony was a larger bell maker, very well known, and it was not an unusual practice back then to ‘say’ that your bell came from a more reputable maker so that you can up the price (a practice that carries on even today!). Most of these bells are brass, your’s looks to be chrome (possibly silver) plated (the plating might be causing the crispness issue I mentioned previously). Does it hold a rare earth magnet? If so it’s iron underneath. The date on you bell is also suggestive (1369), as the Hemony Brothers have the following statistics: Fran├žois Hemony (c.?1609-1667) and his brother Pieter, Pierre, or Peter Hemony (1619-1680). So it’s saying 300 years BEFORE they were born!

    A very neat bell, and not a specific model I have seen before. The inscription date, bell format (Austrian type figure) and wording is suggestive too, which is why I was asking further about the history of the bell and how sure you were of it’s origins. The suggestion I have is that it could be from about the late 1920’s and possibly made in Germany.

    Let us know if you find or need anything else!


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    Hi Garry,

    I bought the bell at a scout flea market north of Copenhagen (where I live) the inscription is in danish, but the bell can be from anywhere.

    Just tried to put a strong magnet on it – and it just holds it – so I think its chrome and not silver.

    I have googled the bell but havent really found anything useful so far – so I keep trying.

    Thanks again for you help ­čÖé

    Have a nice day,



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